Privacy Policy


The internet portal Unajmi Me is owned by Zagorski oglasnik j.d.o.o, Hum Zabočki 88, 49210 Zabok, OIB: 60937746160 (hereafter Unajmi Me).

Privacy Policy (hereafter Policy) governs the treatment of your information when using our services.


We collect information needed for:

  • providing and improving service and support,
  • improving user experience,
  • compliance with legal regulations.

We receive the information by typing in form when using Unajmi Me service.

We collect data you enter when:

  • registering and using other forms,
  • communicating with other users through Unajmi Me messages,
  • paying or receiving a refund for Unajmi Me services,
  • other activities.

We collect your name, family name, address, contact information, and other information you enter.

We can also automatically collect data that is available when using Unajmi Me:

  • geolocation (if enabled, for radius search),
  • device information (model, device identifier, mobile network etc.),

From other sources:

  • from other users (eg. comments, ratings, and more),
  • social networks (if your account is linked to a social network account (user profile name, phone number, email address)).

We will specifically ask you for:

  • collection and processing of special categories of personal data, such as sexual orientation, health status, religious orientation etc.
  • Unajmi Me services are not intended for you if you are under 16, but for data we collect or process, we do not know if they are related to children.


The collected data, as well as the information we provide through the provision of services, are processed only for the purpose of:

  • for which they are given,
  • for which you have been granted,
  • based on a legal basis: the relevant legal regulation, legitimate interest, or Terms of Use.

You have the right to:

  • know what your personal information we handle,
  • request a correction,
  • download your data and content,
  • give up at any time from the given consent, in whole or in part.

If you have a complaint regarding your rights, you can file a complaint with the relevant Personal Data Protection Agency.

We may use your personal information to:

  • provided information and assistance,
  • enable and facilitate the use of our services,
  • customize content to your interests,
  • prevent fraud or other prohibited or illegal activities,
  • protected the safety and integrity of Unajmi Me and Your Data,
  • fulfill legal obligations.

We do not sell, rent or lend a user list or personal information to third parties.

The information we have anonymized or aggregated, in a way that we can no longer recognize you as a particular person, we do not consider personal data.


We protect data from unauthorized access, retrieval or deletion, irrespective of the storage or processing location or the format in which they are located.

We apply recognized security information standards:

  • we carry out technical and organizational protection measures based on risk assessment,
  • we are checking the collection of information, storage, and processing methods,
  • we take measures that can identify and/or prevent unauthorized collection and misuse of personal data and reduce potential harm.


Only with partners who are in a contractual relationship and only the data necessary to provide certain services. All people who have access to your data and our partners have the obligation to maintain confidentiality within the contractual relationship as well as the implementation of organizational and technical protection measures.

Third parties will process your data only:

  • for the purpose of providing Unajmi Me services such as payment services, e-mail delivery, data validation etc.;

If they are prescribed by law for the purpose of:

  • fulfillment of the applicable law, sub-legal act or other regulation,
  • detecting, preventing or solving fraud and security or technical difficulties related to Unajmi Me or the personal information of the user.

Service Providers and Third Parties will process personal information based on the instructions of Unajmi Me and in accordance with this Policy and other applicable regulations (General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2016/679, the Law on the Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and other Applicable Laws depending on treated).

For more information on the transfer of data to third parties, send the inquiry by e-mail to


We use our cookies as well as cookies of our partner's to recognize your computer and provide better service.

The collected data is not linked to your personal information on Unajmi Me.

These tools can collect and store technical information such as cookies, user and/or visitor IP addresses, mobile device identifiers, browser data etc., but do not identify the person.

You may decline or delete cookies and continue using Unajmi Me, in which case some of the services Unajmi Me provides will not be available.


You may at any time apply for the deletion of personal data collected through the use of Unajmi Me service or limit the purpose of using your data in part or in full.

At any time, you can restrict the use of an email address for sending notifications from Unajmi Me.

Cancellation and processing restrictions can be rejected if we can not confirm your identity as a personal data owner or if there are other legal restrictions.

You can request the deletion of personal data by sending an e-mail to

If you have an account on Unajmi Me, you can delete it by using My Unajmi Me (user dashboard).

Upon receipt of a request for deletion, we will initiate the process of closing the account and deleting the data.

Your information will be kept in accordance with the purpose and in accordance with the applicable regulations or legitimate interests arising out of or relating to the use of Unajmi Me and after the expiration of a defined deadline.

Accounts associated with financial transactions or accounts must be kept in accordance with a legally defined deadline, other categories of data will be kept confidential for fraud prevention, response to objections or other legitimate purposes (3 years).


As an owner of an active account, you can at any time apply for a download of your data and content.

We may reject the download request if we can not confirm your identity as the owner of the personal data.

The data you can download in digital form are:

  • your contact information,
  • your ads available through My Unajmi Me (user dashboard).

We protect the privacy of our users and do not allow the download of content that would violate your rights or the rights of other users.


You are the owner of your data and you have the right to know what data we keep or process and you can submit a request for additional information.

We may decline your request if we can not confirm your identity as a personal data owner or there is another limit.

You can see your details in the My Unajmi Me (user dashboard).

If you want more information or you are not a registered user of Unajmi Me please send me an e-mail to


It's important that you have accurate data, occasionally check them out.

In order to help you, we can perform and verify the correctness of the data in a technically and legally permitted range, such as verification of your phone number, email address, and other data.

We may decline a correction request if we can not confirm your identity as a personal data owner.

Correcting the data we use for basic identification (email) can be accomplished by sending the request from the email address registered in your account at


On Unajmi Me you can find links that will take you to the pages of other providers not covered by our Privacy Policy.


We may change these rules from time to time.

The announcement of the policy was carried out on 26th June of 2018 and is applicable from 26th June of 2018.

By registering or continuing to use Unajmi Me after we have changed the Policy, you have confirmed that you are familiar with the applicable policies and agree to process the information for these purposes.

Any inquiries and comments related to this Policy and any additional information about your personal information collected on Unajmi Me website can be sent by email to